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Soiree understands a woman's needs - her want to charm and surprise, her longing to captivate and delight, her desire to stay elegant and impress.

Soiree opened its first store in Mega Mall, Sharjah, UAE in 2010. Most recently Soiree has opened further stores plans to open more locations this year throughout the region. Soiree is a brand to watch in the region with a rapid growth plan ahead!

Soiree provides the ultimate retail environment for the discerning customer to purchase exquisite lingerie and accessories in a beautiful setting of ornate decorative mirror finishes, plush fabric seating and walls, gorgeous reflective wallpaper, and bespoke quirky pink crystal chandeliers. Soiree's store design is made up of beautiful range of hues from shades of feminine pink, contrasted with moody grey and black details, with reflective surfaces throughout to create a sweet boutique atmosphere.

Inspired by love and adoration, Soiree displays a range of merchandise to enable women to show off their playful nature. Soiree stores have an exclusive range of products for the body that soothe, refresh or renew. Body lotions & a wide range of beauty products present perfect compliments to the fashionable styles of lingerie that Soiree has to offer.

The Soiree team aim to offer tasteful lingerie & accessories for couples to celebrate occasions from wedding honeymoons to anniversaries and the many other special times in a couple's life together.

Tel: 06 5749403    
Unit S06A
Floor Second Floor

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