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Damas kiosk
Damas kiosk

Damas kiosk

The kiosk is a Damas 18k Store meaning itís focus is around all our in house brands such as Farfasha, Kiku, Spring, OneSixEight, Hayati

  • Farfasha: The essence of Farfasha lies in the unique fusion of jewels with nature's color palette in 18k gold, giving birth to a collection which truly defines the spirit of life - allowing the wearer to live to the fullest.
  • Kiku: A Damas pearl collection, Kiku brings to life the finest fresh water pearls. The beauty and elegance displayed in the classic pearled strand pieces brings simplicity and charm to all who wears it.
  • Spring: This delicate collection of 18K gold and diamond jewellery, inspired by Spring, lets you stay fresh and new all year round.
  • OneSixEight: OneSixEight captures the brilliance of diamonds in an extraordinary collection designed to be worn every day of the week. Each piece highlights the bold beauty of a single solitaire diamond, accentuated by individually matched and hand-mounted stones, which are specially cut to 17 sparkling facets.
  • Hayati: Hayati is a collection of 18k gold jewellery that celebrates the fantastic journey of life. Its marvelous design features carefully placed diamonds in a unique ascending order, meant to represent and eternalize each step of life.
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