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Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic

2003 is when Kaya Skin Clinic, an international chain of skincare clinics that administer unique and personalized skin care solutions, opened its doors in the Middle East with a single clinic in the bustling heart of Dubai. Through years of intensive experience with customers in the region, the Company has gained a wealth of experience and has invested in building the region’s largest pool of dermatologists – 35 and counting - to deliver a very special brand of bespoke skin care across 17 locations in the UAE, and 23 in the region. Kaya’s collective intelligence is at the heart of every service and product formulation. Every customer receives a personalized skincare program that begins with a consultation and skin analysis with a dermatologist.

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Tel: 02-6435-030    
Unit S23
Floor Shop # B45, Next to Arabian Oud, Level 2

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