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Swiss Arabian Kiosk
Swiss Arabian Kiosk

Swiss Arabian Kiosk

Swiss Arabian Perfumes was founded in 1974, making it one of the pioneering perfume manufacturers in the Middle East.

Swiss Arabian Perfumes in association with Givaudan S.A., a leading Swiss company, currently the world’s largest and most respected manufacturer of exclusive perfume ingredients, bringing premium quality, innovation and technical expertise to the products. The entire range of Swiss Arabian Perfumes is created and manufactured at the company state of the art manufacturing facilities in Sharjah.

Swiss Arabian is designed to deliver a qualitative difference to the rich Arabian tradition of Oud and Dehn El Oud. With years of experience as quality perfumer and by having its own plantations, Swiss Arabian Perfumes guarantees Oud and Dehn El Oud buyers the assurance of authenticity.

Swiss Arabian Perfumes’ product range includes premium Arabic perfumes (Dehn El Ouds) and popular Arabic concentrated perfume oil, popular Arabic perfumes (Eau de Parfums), French Notes perfumes, Bakhoor, Mu Attars and crystal accessories.

Swiss Arabian Perfumes has presence all across GCC with more than 70 retail outlets.

Tel: 06 5748464    
Unit GK5
Floor Ground Floor

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