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Welcome to Mega More, the privilege programme of Mega Mall.

Carry the Mega More Card every time you shop to enjoy exclusive discounts and prize draws. What is Mega More Card?

Mega More is the privilege programme of Mega Mall, one of the leading retail and leisure destinations in the Emirates. Through the Mega More programme, Mega Mall now offers you a more rewarding way to shop, dine, play or simply relax.

How do I apply and become a Mega More Member?

  • Fill up completely the application form at the Customer Service Desk located on the ground floor.
  • Submit the filled up application form and AED 10 membership fee to the Customer Service Staff.
  • In a few minutes, you are already a certified Mega More card member! You will instantly get the Mega More envelope which contains the following: Mega More Privilege Card, Welcome Letter, and Mega More Discounts Leaflet.

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